The Story of Team Tunisia in FIRST Global Challenge 2020

In the past three years, three proud Tunisian teams took part in the FIRST Global Challenge. They amazed the other nations around the world with their skills and got many awards that show the power of our motherland and its vast potential. 

This year announced the beginning of another story, the tale of five people who will carry on the torch of the previous teams and keep shining and inspiring. 

This is a story of five Tunisian studentspassionate about STEM, who formed a hard-working team. It all started in the First Skills Club association, their so-called second home and supportive family. Due to their drive to explore and learn more about the wonderful field of STEM, they were brought together as a team to participate in FIRST Global Challenge 2020 and to honor their country in this great opportunity. 


This year’s FIRST Global Challenge was unlike any other edition. It was held online and instead of just working with robotic parts and joints, the participants also had to complete virtual challenges that boost their creativity and problem-solving skills. Therefore, Team Tunisia 2020 tried to learn the most of FIRST Global Challenge, especially that this year’s edition was a completely new experience for everyone. 

One of the challenges they had to complete was having an online interview with government representatives to talk about STEM Education in Tunisia. 

The reason those five heroes kept doing everything in their power is not only because of their passion and curiosity but also thanks to all the encouragement and the support of former participants in FIRST Global Challenge and their two dear mentors, Mrs. Faten Khalfallah and Mr. Rabah Hammouda

Team Tunisia 2020 received mentoring and coaching from trustable and caring people. That is their source of motivation, their driving force to push through any hurdles. 


FIRST Global Challenge 2020 was a life-changing opportunity for Team Tunisia. It is true that they did not win any awards, but they have still won something a lot more important than that. In fact, they developed new skills that are very significant in the STEM field, especially time management, teamwork, and networking. 

“I learned that during a competition what matters isn’t winning but learning and building relations. Moreover, it’s all about managing your time first because time is running and you have to profit from each second, managing your ideas, dividing tasks and working on your chore properly so you don’t bother other team members and you get all your work done before the deadline.” Said Kmar Ben Ayed, journey and team’s writer, spokesperson and video editor of Team Tunisia 2020. 

FIRST Global Challenge was certainly an unforgettable experience for me. It taught me that working alone won’t accomplish the task unless all the team members cooperate and work on achieving it together. Said Kais Adhar, team’s designer and captain. 

Author: Mohamed Gdoura, Content Author.

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