FIRST Global Challenge: Team Tunisia 2021 is Launching his Journey to Space

The COVID-19 pandemic was a calamity that flipped the world upside down.  The world is currently facing a major crisis in many aspects, including education,  health, economy, and environment.

However, there are youngsters from all corners of the globe who, amidst the chaos, strive to solve the crisis using technology.  FIRST Global Challenge 2021 is a great opportunity for the youth, stemming from over 160 nations, to showcase their problem-solving skills online during the pandemic. 


During the pandemic, schools were shut down and were not able to resume their courses online. We could not meet in person, but that did not stop our association’s staff from continuing their activities online. In fact, we coached our sessions online and even organized events and competitions online, like the 3D design competition Creatop 2020.


First Skills Club, the official partner of the FIRST Global, is not just an
association, but also the home where all our predecessors, who forged us,
flourished and won many awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019 editions of the FIRST Global Challenge. It is where every former Tunisian team did everything in their
power, stayed up late, worked day and night to help their successors and show
them the way to gracious professionalism and success.



This strong cooperation and helpfulness were some of the most important teachings of our dear official mentors Mr. Rabah Hammouda and Mrs. Faten Khalfallah, Co-Founders of First
Skills Club. We really feel so proud to join the FIRST Global Challenge community and we will work hard in order to make a valuable impact and join the
International FGC alumni team.

Picture of Team Tunisia 2021 (Wearing Black) with members of former Tunisian teams (Wearing Red) and mentors (Standing on the right and left of the picture).

Today, the torch has been passed on to us, and it is our turn to prove to the world the worth of Tunisia and its vast potential. We strive to prove that Tunisia’s future generations are key to its prospering. We are excited to come up with solutions that will focus on solving our community’s issues, which will eventually reflect onto the world. Our ultimate goal is to make our country stand out and do our community proud.


Written by Mohamed Gdoura, Writer, Programmer, and Spokesperson
of Team Tunisia 2021.


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