Let’s Go Tech is not only a training camp, but is a chance for the participants to apply different levels of skills in creating a project that solves various problems in our community. Therefore, one of the outcomes of Let’s Go Tech is the different creative projects that the participants will come out with.

Summer Camp For Design

This camp represents the summer activity of First Skills Club. It’s a 4 to 6 day activity in which pupils have to solve a community problem using 3D Design Software. It’s also an opportunity to have some sea trips.

When ?

The Summer Camp 4 Design , as its name indicates, is organized during the summer. Generally, we organise it in July (1st edition : 12 - 16 July 2016 / 2nd edition : 2 - 5 July 2017)

Where ?

Kerkennah Island
Kerkennah is a group of islands lying off the east coast of Tunisia, in front of Sfax, known for its sea food fortune .


In the 1st edition, the participants had to find a solution for the plastic pollution in Kerkennah iskand. 10 Teams worked hard and the products were all designed with a 3D Modeling software. 

In the 2nd edition, the workshops were different and the main community problem was water filtration. You can view the 2nd camp’s activities in the space below:

Meccanoid Assembling

Arduino Programming

3D Design

Training for FIRST Global

Pitching the projects

A sea trip by boat

Devoxx4Kids Event

2 Editions ... 2 Success stories

First Skills Club is the official representative of Devoxx4Kids organization in Tunisia. That’s why, the two editions have been linked basically to robotics. The 2nd edition has known a bigger success. It was a celebration of the independance day in a different way. These are some of the workshops animated by the coaches in the two editions: