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First Skills Club has won a handful of awards during its career: You can view these awards and some other achievements in this page !

The Most Engaged Club All Over the World in Goodwall

Goodwall is an application, similar in its function to a smaller version of LinkedIn. It aims to let high school pupils post their achievements and introduce their skills and capacities to the whole world and by then win scholarships and get recognized by universities.

In 2016, Feres Kessentini, one of the First Skills Club brilliant coaches, has been chosen as the ambassador of the association in Goodwall . Day by day, the association’s network in Goodwall increased, and it became ranked the 9th among all the high schools in the whole world. We were posting our achievements regularly, and luckily, we were there for the launching of the “Most Engaged Club All Over the world” competition. Its goal is to invite the club’s members to Goodwall and post as much as possible about the activities using a unique hashtag. After a week full of hardwork, we were able to be the 1st winners of the Most Engaged Club Award. The prize was 1000 $, so, we decided to invest it in a camera, as a way to ameliorate our skills in photo/cinematography.

Ultimaker Education Challenge

One of the most important activities in the First Skills Club is 3D design. As a proof of our talented pupils, three members participated in a challenge named the Ultimaker Education Challenge which helps educators share their 3D printing experiences and show the true potential of this technology. Our creative members: Fedi Guetat, Mohamed Saifeddine Kammoun and Kais Adhar saw that nowadays, school bags represent a problem for pupils in Tunisia because of how heavy they are. So‚ they designed a “Smart SchoolBag” which works with an Arduino card. The team was the youngest in the whole world. As a result, they won the Ultimaker3+ 3d printer. 

Jamaity Award

Jamaity (My Association in English) Awards is an initiative of Jamaity organization to celebrate Tunisian associations and encourage them to move forward. This initiative rewards and highlights the Tunisian associations through awards in different categories. In 2015, First Skills Club was classified among the top three associations in Innovation by Jamaity Award as the best Tunisian association which thrives to empower Tunisian Youth and make a noticeable change in our society.

FIRST Global Challenge

The FIRST Global Challenge is an international robotics event, with more than 150 nations across the world traveling to the United States to participate in the game. This challenge aims to ignite a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among more than two billion teenagers across the world.
And in 2017, seven motivated Tunisian guys who dream of making a change in their country, proudly honored Tunisia by proving that Tunisian Teens are skilled enough to design and code robots. And out of the 160 participating countries, Tunisia has shone by getting the silver medal for “Albert Einstein Awards for Global International Excellence”, as the robot of Team Tunisia was one of the three robots that performed the best during the FIRST Global Challenge and exemplified all of the tenets of the FIRST Global community.
And as First Skills Club added value to the mission of the FIRST Global by supporting, assisting and motivating the national Tunisian Team, First Skills Club, represented by team Tunisia won a golden medal as part of “Al-Khwarizmi Award for Outstanding Supporters”.
Even after this remarkable success, First Skills Club will keep on supporting and mentoring a national team each year to take part in the FIRST Global events and to proudly honor the national colors worldwide.

What The Media said about our success

Again, Tunisia has shone with its young skills in an international competition. Seven young Tunisian high school students proudly honored the national colors by winning gold and silver at the Global Robotics Challenge organized by FIRST Global from 16-18 July in Washington, DC. This is what was announced Tuesday, the official page of the Tunisian embassy in the United States


Mabrouk 🙂 to the Tunisian Olympic team of Robotics👏👏 Mabrouk Tunisia!” مبروك للفريق التونسي تتويجه في مسابقة "تحدي الربوتات العالمية" في العاصمة واشنطن

U.S. Embassy Tunis​

Washington D.C, July 18, 2017:The Tunisian Olympic team of robotics gets Gold & Silver prizes at the FIRST Global Robotics Competition.

Embassy of Tunisia in U.S.A​

Sur les cent soixante pays participants, la Tunisie s’est démarquée en obtenant le premier prix « Al-Khwarizmi Award for Outstanding Supporter » et le deuxième prix d’ « Albert Einstein Awards for Global International Excellence » de ce concours international. En effet, l’association bénéficie de l’appui financier et technique de Tunisie Telecom qui l’a aidée à pouvoir réaliser cet exploit grandiose et mener à bien sa mission.

Tunisie Telecom

Being part of FIRST Global made me believe that anyone can make a difference, but only a team can make a change." Male student from Team Tunisia 2017 Male student from Team Tunisia 2017

Male student from Team Tunisia 2017