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Robotics is a concrete and tangible way to build and strengthen cognitive development, as well as other academic areas such as mathematics, engineering, communication skills, strategic thinking and goal-oriented thinking.

Mobile app development

Mobile app development aims to teach kids how to communicate their ideas and translate them into a business.

3D Design

3D design is used in a variety of industries to help students shape, communicate, document, analyze, and share their ideas.

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First Skills Club was classified among the top three associations in Innovation by Jamaity Award as the best Tunisian association that is thriving to empower Tunisian Youth and make a noticeable change in our society.


Faten, you are a superstar … and i thank you so very much for caring, you were an example to us of how it should be done.

Joe Sestak Ex Director of FIRST Global Challenge

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MT-Drone Coming to the Rescue of The Tunisian Community

*MT: multi-function This is a multi-functional drone that has the ability to do lots of things, which have to do with agriculture, delivery, disaster, and relief. Concerning agriculture, The Environmental Protection Agency already utilizes drone technology to manage livestock and watch over crops. Furthermore, in the future, farmers and ranchers could use unmanned aircraft to […]

How Can Design Thinking Save the World?

Since the pandemic started, close to half the world’s governments were obligated to shut down schools temporarily. For instance, the same decision was taken a couple of times by the Tunisian government, which really damaged the normal process of the education sector. Now, as a student who was affected by this kind of action, this […]

FIRST Global Challenge 2021: Team Tunisia Goes Back in Time to Meet their Predecessors

Every great journey has a beginning, adventures along the way, lessons, and remarkable feats that are recorded in history. Team Tunisia 2021 is not the first team that participated in FIRST Global Challenge. For us, this is a new experience and since our team needs guidance and inspiration, why not reflect on the stories of […]